Saturday, Apr 19, 2014
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Megan Burger Details!

User Name: MeganBloomington
City: Bloomington, IN (BMG)
Handedness: Right
Gender: Female
Positions: Defense
Playing since: 2 years ago
Referee?: No
Travelled: 114.98 miles

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Name Travelled Games Total Points Goals/Game Δ Total Δ Avg
Megan Burger BMG 0 0 0 NaN 0 NaN

Teams! (tourament)
Tournament Name HRA Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Registered W L T Δ Σ Region
Ladies Army IV Bloomington -5 Megan Burger BMG Elizabeth Strange BMG Jasmine Stevens BMG 01/30/12 20:48:57.157 UTC 0 0 0 0 0 In

Teams! (unused)

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Most Active:

Image Do not register - to be deleted
Sydney (SYD), NS, Australasia
03/28/2014 to 03/30/2014
0 of 48

Image Torneo de Bicipolo 81°
San Juan (SJU), PR, Southeast
02/08/2014 to 02/09/2014
31 of 25

Image Dan
Need City Information, MN (0 mi)
10 / 0.1

Image Benjamin Nogues
Benjamin Nogues
Paris, FR (574.65 mi)
16 / 0.19

Image Kevin Code
Kevin Code
Tallahassee, FL (866.38 mi)
6 / -0.83

Image Adam Hebiri
Adam Hebiri
Canterbury, GB (288.57 mi)
4 / -1.5

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